Our "trading up"
home-swap program

     Want to trade up into a more expensive house, either a bigger one or one in a better neighborhood?  Let us search properties that haven't sold over the past two years for those that meet your criteria.  We'll then contact the owners or agents to see if any would like to trade down into your home. 

The problem

The Smiths

The Wongs
     Ev and Donna Smith have outgrown their $400,000 Berkeley home.  They'd like to move to Walnut Creek, where they'd be closer to work and family.      Norm and Diana Wong have been struggling to keep up with the payments on their $600,000 Walnut Creek home ever since Diana lost her job last year.
     But they can't move until they sell their existing home.  And no one's buying.      They've had their home on the market for 14 months, but no one has made an offer.

The solution

     We propose that the Smiths and the Wongs trade properties, and that the Smith pay the Wongs $200,000 to compensate them for the difference in value between the two properties.  Both parties would come out ahead: 

* The Smiths would be able to move to a more convenient location and buy a bigger home.
* The Wongs would be able to trade down into a home they can afford, and retain their good credit.  If Berkeley is too far away from Norm's job, the Wongs could rent it out and use the rental income to rent another place for themselves in Walnut Creek. 

Getting started

     To qualify for our program, you must:

  • want to trade up to a more expensive home.
  • live somewhere in our 19-county service area.
  • want to buy somewhere in our 19-county service area.
  • have equity and/or cash equal to at least 15% of the value of your home.

Our fee

Our fee for finding you a trading partner and providing both you and your trading partner with full-service broker representation is 2% of the full market value of your property as determined by appraisal.  If you wish to trade into a home that's actively on the market, our fee is just 1% of the full market value of your trading partner's property, to be paid out of the buyer's agent's commission.  If the buyer's agent's commission exceeds 1%, we'll credit the balance back to you at close of escrow.  Our fees are payable only if escrow closes successfully.  

Why not try us?

     Since you pay us nothing unless a deal succeeds, you have little to lose.  While we can't promise we'll find you a trading partner, many sellers in this market are overextended, and we believe that many are eager to get into a more affordable home. 

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